Monthly Archives: December 2011

Ten Months

How could I have possibly forgotten Halloween in last month’s letter?  The cuteness was off the charts (in my humble, non-biased opinion).

There’s also been a lot of other firsts this month, like always.  We spent our first week without your Dad at home while he was in Mexico for work.  Things went off without a hitch until the morning before he got home when you decided to bite your lip and bleed all over your pajamas while I was in the shower.  Let’s not repeat that one ever again.  You also got your first pair of shoes because 1) you’re starting to furniture cruise and 2) you won’t leave your socks on and it’s starting to get cold in Michigan.  One night I took you with me to a store and somehow you took off both socks in the walk from the car to the building because they were missing when I went to put you in the shopping cart.  I eventually found them in the parking lot.  In a puddle.  While it was pouring and only like 40 degrees outside.  I looked like an awesome Mom.
Lately you’ve been asserting your independence, and it’s adorable and scary all at the same time.  You want to feed yourself all the time and your favorite food right now is Cheerios.  You even had your first Thanksgiving dinner – turkey, sweet potatoes, and bread.  You weren’t overly impressed, but it was adorable to have you sit at the table and eat what everyone else was having.

More evidence of your independence is that you love playing ball with Gibson and really anyone else.  You grab it, throw it, and wait for someone to give it back.  We play like this for hours.  We’ve even started to take bets on whether you’ll like football or baseball better.