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Letters to my son.

Ten Months

How could I have possibly forgotten Halloween in last month’s letter?  The cuteness was off the charts (in my humble, non-biased opinion).

There’s also been a lot of other firsts this month, like always.  We spent our first week without your Dad at home while he was in Mexico for work.  Things went off without a hitch until the morning before he got home when you decided to bite your lip and bleed all over your pajamas while I was in the shower.  Let’s not repeat that one ever again.  You also got your first pair of shoes because 1) you’re starting to furniture cruise and 2) you won’t leave your socks on and it’s starting to get cold in Michigan.  One night I took you with me to a store and somehow you took off both socks in the walk from the car to the building because they were missing when I went to put you in the shopping cart.  I eventually found them in the parking lot.  In a puddle.  While it was pouring and only like 40 degrees outside.  I looked like an awesome Mom.
Lately you’ve been asserting your independence, and it’s adorable and scary all at the same time.  You want to feed yourself all the time and your favorite food right now is Cheerios.  You even had your first Thanksgiving dinner – turkey, sweet potatoes, and bread.  You weren’t overly impressed, but it was adorable to have you sit at the table and eat what everyone else was having.

More evidence of your independence is that you love playing ball with Gibson and really anyone else.  You grab it, throw it, and wait for someone to give it back.  We play like this for hours.  We’ve even started to take bets on whether you’ll like football or baseball better.


Nine Months

Maybe it’s all of the craziness that’s been going on with moving, having a new home (and new bedroom), starting to pull yourself up on stuff, cutting teeth, and everything else, but you’ve decided that sleep is for the weak this month.  Sad thing is, this Momma is weak and needs some sleep.  As cute as it was for those first couple of days for you to want to play at 1am, it’s gone on for weeks (literally since the day we moved).

You’ve gotten your first teeth (two bottom ones) this month, which explains a good chunk of the crankiness for the last couple of weeks.

You’ve also figured out how to pull yourself up on everything (and anything) that you can – the couch, your parents, the television stand (which has been a source for hours of entertainment lately), and even Gibson.  We’re starting to wonder if you’re days or weeks from walking, and it’s kind of scary.  You literally went from crawling on your belly, to crawling on your hands and knees, to walking along the furniture in two weeks.  It’s like you’re in a hurry to be a big kid.  Long gone are the days where I could lay you in the living room, walk away for 2 seconds to grab something to drink from the kitchen, and return to find you in the same spot.

Even in spite of the lack of sleep, you’re still incredibly happy.  You absolutely love your new daycare (school), which has been a huge relief since we picked it rather quickly and were basing it mostly on a referral from a former coworker.  The ladies there think you’re amazing – and we do too.

Eight Months

Wow, I don’t even know where to start with this month.  There were ups, there were downs, and there was a lot of crazy.

This month you were victimized, we were victimized.  Someone broke into the house while your Dad and I were at work (and you were at school) and stole most of our electronics, ransacked the house, and left us all with a sick feeling our stomachs.  Thankfully, we weren’t home and Gibson appears to be fine, but it still sucks.  Most of everything can be replaced, but we lost our digital and video cameras along with the memory cards of pictures and videos that we’ve been recording over the last couple of months.  Memories have been lost and it breaks my heart.

The silver lining is that on that same day, I was offered a new job.  Your Dad has been driving an hour and a half to work each day in Michigan and it’s starting to get old.  On a whim, I applied for a job near there and got it.  So, while picking up the pieces from the break-in, we were also packing things in boxes and getting ready to move.  Even though we hadn’t exactly planned on your next house really being a rented townhouse in a suburb of Detroit, but we’re rolling with it.  Because you know everyone decides to move 100 miles north and do it all in 2 weeks.  It’s been hectic, but we’re hopeful that this is what’s best for right now.

Throughout all the madness, you’ve been that one smiling face that helps keep us going.  And keep us on our toes.  The night before we moved, you decided that you knew how to pull yourself up in your crib and nearly kamikaze jumped out.  Sigh … you’re definitely more boy than baby now.

Seven Months

Boy, you are one happy, happy little boy.  Even when you’ve been awake all night or sick, you’re still smiley, giggly, and silly.  Seriously, I had to come and pick you up one day from daycare and you looked absolutely miserable – snot crusty nose, weepy eyes, the whole deal.  But, I scooped you up, we took a two and half hour nap on the couch, and you were back at it.  We had to stay home the following day, and let’s just say, it was more play day than sick day.  I love that you quickly bounce back.

We’ve started toying with the idea of moving out of your first house and into a new one across town.  We knew even before we had you that we wouldn’t be in this house forever and wanted to be somewhere safer, with better schools, and more room.  We’ve looked at a couple of places and really love some, but are taking things slow and hoping that if the right fit comes along, it’ll all just work out.  It’s really interesting to start to think about things from the perspective of our next home being the home that you remember growing up in and really only knowing this house from pictures and stories.

I keep saying it, but I’m continually amazed at how big you’re getting and how much you’re learning.  More and more of your little personality shows up every day and it’s very exciting.  Your Dad and I keep looking at each other and wondering how we’ve gotten so lucky to have such an amazing little boy in our lives.

Six Months

This month we gathered up the courage to give you some “solid” food, and by solid I mean that I steamed some sweet potatoes, ran them through the blender, and attempted to feed them to you with a spoon.  The cereal last month did not go well, so I was hopeful that this would actually stick in your little belly and not cause you to get sick.  Thankfully, it was successful.  You really liked them and they stayed in.  I can’t believe you’re starting to eat real food.  We’re that much closer to you not being a baby anymore.

Gibson has always been your protector, never wanting to be too far from you (and howling when you cry, much to my chagrin), but the two of you are starting to get really interactive.  You crawl over on your belly and start pulling on his fur, he rolls over, and you laugh.  It warms my hear to see the two of you “playing” together.

This month you also went on your first family camping trip.  You would have thought that we were packing for a month instead of a weekend or moving into the camper permanently, but everything went off without a hitch.  You slept well, entertained all your cousins, and even took a trip to a water park.  Sure, you slept in a baby pool, but it all worked out.

This month we thought that you were getting your first tooth (actually first two teeth), but turns out I was totally wrong.  We found that out when we went to the doctor for your sixth month check-up.  Turns out they were just two *insert fancy medical terminology here* that basically just meant that they were two calcium deposits.  Either way, it was pretty exciting.

Five Months

This month, you’ve discovered that you have toes.  I know it probably sounds really silly for this to be some kind of milestone, but it’s just another step in the process of you discovering your surroundings (even if they’re attached to yourself).  It’s adorable to watch you grip your tiny little feet and the look of pride that washes over your face as you wiggle around and try to get those pesky things in your mouth.  As cute as it is, it’s also made diaper changing a bit challenging.  Guess that’s just your way of making sure that we fine tune our skills.

No, I'm not crazy and take pictures of the little man with letters. This was part of a larger project for Father's Day.

Speaking of discoveries and movement, you’re rolling now.  I’ll lay you down on your back for you to just flip almost instantly to your belly and then proceed to do that as much as it takes to get to whatever toy or shiny object catches your eye.  Our days of being able to set you down and know you’ll be there 2 minutes later are now fading quickly.

Maybe I like this, maybe I don't.

We’ve also experimented with some solid food.  Rice cereal.  It’s as appetizing as it sounds.  You seemed to like it, at first.  But, it’s caused some problems, so we’re scrapping it for now and doing some research on some other options that won’t require me calling the doctor at 9pm because you won’t stop throwing up and handing you off to your groggy Dad so I can run to the store to get Pedialyte.   As scary as it sounds, yes, sometimes we’re just making this up as we go along and hoping for the best.

Just when I think you can’t possibly be any cuter, you totally prove me wrong.  I never used to be a morning person (and arguably still am not), but I can honestly say that I look forward to getting up every morning and seeing what new discovery you’ve made.

Seriously, 5 months already?!?!

Four Months

There were times not that long ago that I remember time virtually standing still … or at least seeming to take forever.  Now the days seem to zoom past and there is rarely a dull moment.  Shoot, even when you finally wear your little self out, there’s mountains of things to get done that lounging on the couch is a luxury.

This month, you went to your first baseball game.  In a suite, no less.  Your Dad insists that’s the only way you’re going to a sporting event for at least a couple of years, so I imagine this might be your only game for a little while.

We’re also trying to get you used to hanging out in your high chair during dinner.  Most days you love this new perspective of your surroundings.  It’s crazy how big you look sitting beside us.

Another highlight: you’ve discovered the awesomeness of the jumperoo.  You love it and down right beg to stay in it for hours.  This makes getting some stuff done around the house so much easier … if I could just stop staring at how amazing you are.

Three Months

Seriously?  I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again (and again, and again), it feels like we just brought you home yesterday.  Except you can’t wear any of those clothes anymore.  I had my first realization at how big you’re getting when I had to pack away an entire box of clothes that you are too big for.  Just 3 months, and already too big for a lot of clothes.  Truthfully, a lot was too small before now, but I was in complete denial over how big my little boy was getting already.

This month, we both had our first experience with shots – you on the receiving end, and me on the end of having to watch helplessly and do my best to comfort you while you writhed in pain.  I’ve never heard such sounds come out of you until that day.  By and large, you’re an incredibly happy boy unless we’ve gone a little too long between feedings, but even then you’ve never screamed with that kind of pitch or intensity.

Also new this month, you’re going to “school” now.  Your Dad and I call it school because for some reason to us it sounds more polite and acceptable than daycare.  You love it there and the ladies there love you too.  They have nothing but wonderful things to say and more often than not when I pick you up, there are a couple of young girls from the toddler room who need to wave and say good-bye to you as we leave.  Girlfriends, already?  Boy, are we in trouble.  As much as I’d love to stay at home and cuddle with you all day, Mommy needs to go to work so that we can have awesome things in the future.  And, she kind of needs to talk to adults from time to time.  And use those fancy pieces of paper in the big frames that are in the office.  They’re not paid for yet.

Another big development is that you’ve started to sleep through the night.  Consistently.  Just in time for me to return to work, so I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  You see, before you came along, I really needed to sleep 8 hours in order to feel human (and have at least 4 cups of coffee).  So, I’m absolutely thrilled to be back on the upswing of closer to full night’s rest once again.

You’ve started to take after your Mom and have a fondness for books.  Your current favorites: Mirror Me, Brown Bear, Brown Bear, and The Sleep Book.  I’m pretty sure we’re going to wear out the pages before too long, but it couldn’t make me happier.  There’s nothing better than coming home from work and curling up on the couch with you and reading.  I hope this is a tradition that we can continue for a long, long time.

Two Months

Seriously, time is absolutely flying and I’m sure it only gets worse from here.  It’s like we brought you home yesterday.  Even more confusing, is that it seems like life has always been this way – or rather that it’s always supposed to have been this way.

In the last month, you’ve had your first experiences with plane travel and the fun-times that it is making it through TSA security these days.  You, of course, didn’t mind any of the red tape, but it sure made for an interesting experience for your Dad and me.  In this trip (to watch your parents’ crazy friend Jon get married), you had four flights (that you never made a peep on), we had our first experience with breastfeeding in public, stayed in our first hotel, and saw the beach and Gulf of Mexico for the first time.

You’ve also started smiling, which makes the late night feedings and lack of sleep completely worth it.  Just when I think I’ve had enough and am ready to throw up the white flag of surrender, you give me that big toothless grin and my heart absolutely melts.  I never knew I could ever have this much love for someone I’ve barely known.

One Month

Even though I’ve only been your Mom for the last 28 days, it seems like I always have been.  Seriously.  Although it sounds as cheesy as an over-priced Hallmark card, it’s the honest truth.  Maybe it’s the lack of caffeine or the sleep-deprivation, but I frankly can barely remember what life was like before you.  Before the 2am diaper changes and feedings.  Before that first cry.  Before the first time someone else noticed I was pregnant.  Before I first heard your heart beat.  Before the little stick that said “pregnant” in big bold letters.

It’s pretty profound how drastically different our lives are now with you, and yet we’ve managed to adjust rather quickly and easily, and don’t really seem to miss our pre-parent days at all.  This month has been an amazing whirlwind where I went from just being Amy one moment to being Mom the next.

This month we’ve learned how to change a diaper and bath a squirmy little guy, how to survive on naps alone, and how there is no greater joy in life than being your Mom.  Everyone says that while you’re pregnant, but I never really understood it until now.  I’d do anything for you a million times over and then gladly once more.

It’s not just our lives that are different either.  This month you’ve gone from a not-so-tiny 9 pound, 3 ounce newborn to a staggering 11 pound, 1 ounce baby.  I’m amazed at how fast you’re growing and even though everyone comments on how big you are, I can’t help but think you’re my little boy.  I’m sure I’ll long for the days of you being this small very soon.

This month, you’ve managed to sleep through the night (which caught me by surprise), but only once.  Somehow you’ve managed to roll over already and prop yourself up while on your belly months before all the books say you’re supposed to.  You’ve met most of the family and a big chunk of our friends and brought many of them to tears when they saw how amazing you are.  You’ve been to your first wedding and had your first dance, none of which you were awake for.

We’ve got ourselves a healthy amount of “firsts” to experience together – and I can’t wait.  There’s nothing more exciting than seeing you learn and grow into the amazing baby, boy, and man that we hope you’ll be.