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Future Midwest 2010 Takeaways that Need to Stick with us until 2011

futuremidwestThe tech community in Detroit had a serious case of the mad cow disease over the weekend.  Of the space cow variety.

For those unlucky ones who weren’t “in-the-know” about this two-day knowledge and technology conference held over the weekend in Royal Oak, Michigan, you missed out on some truly powerful and energizing stuff.

Everything about the Friday program was amazing from start to finish, which gave me so much enthusiasm to get moving and so sad that I couldn’t make it for the presentations on Saturday.  Below is a list of mantras that we as technology people in the area need to keep in mind, put in to action, repeat and show the world that the Midwest really does “have more talent and more technical expertise concentrated in one region than anywhere else in the United States.” (per Jay Adelson, former CEO of Digg, Detroit Metro native, and Future Midwest 2010 Keynote Speaker)

  1. Flip the funnel
    Joseph Jaffe kicked off the festivities encouraging everyone in the room to “flip the funnel” and spend our marketing and advertising budgets on keeping our loyal customers rather than trying to get new ones.  Treating our best customers the best encourages word-of-mouth and referrals, meaning a savings in budgets and a boom for bottom lines.
  2. Loosen the screw
    “You need to find that screw that’s loose and loosen it a bit more.”  Jay Adelson’s keynote speech was nothing short of genius and I really want/need to find a video of it to replay over and over again.  Jay reminded us that some of the best inventions and breakthroughs in technology and beyond were developed by people who were generally regarded as being nuts.  We need to bring the crazy back.
  3. Break limits
    Jay Adelson’s keynote was full of wonderful takeaways, but he also encouraged everyone to find some limits, and break them.  “If you want to make a difference in Detroit, I would say think about those limits that have been set for you – anything you’ve been told is impossible – find one and break it, because there’s no people better qualified to do that that the people in this room.”
  4. Detroit IS where it’s at
    Chris Barger, of General Motors, inspired the crowd even before he got in to his presentation about using social media as a crisis management tool.  He reminded everyone in the Royal Oak Music Theater that Detroit was the place to be once, and it’ll be the place to be once again.  Each of us sitting in that room has the power to make that happen.CleverSimon
  5. The Midwest is no longer a place you fly over
    Blagica Bottigliero reminded the audience, and everyone that she encounters in Chicago and in speaking engagements across the country (she’s a Detroit native) of the power of the Midwest.  We are worth stopping for and seeing.
  6. The iPhone has changed the way I poop
    Maybe not exactly something to keep repeating to yourself, but if the iPhone has had such a dramatic effect on @CleverSimon (so much so that Threadless has put it on a t-shirt), I can only imagine what bodily function the iPad (or other next big thing around the corner) will change.
  7. It’s Happening
    Join in or wish that you had.  Check out the opening video from Future Midwest 2010 – if that doesn’t get you amped up to get moving, please check your pulse:

Are you ready?