Monthly Archives: April 2011

Two Months

Seriously, time is absolutely flying and I’m sure it only gets worse from here.  It’s like we brought you home yesterday.  Even more confusing, is that it seems like life has always been this way – or rather that it’s always supposed to have been this way.

In the last month, you’ve had your first experiences with plane travel and the fun-times that it is making it through TSA security these days.  You, of course, didn’t mind any of the red tape, but it sure made for an interesting experience for your Dad and me.  In this trip (to watch your parents’ crazy friend Jon get married), you had four flights (that you never made a peep on), we had our first experience with breastfeeding in public, stayed in our first hotel, and saw the beach and Gulf of Mexico for the first time.

You’ve also started smiling, which makes the late night feedings and lack of sleep completely worth it.  Just when I think I’ve had enough and am ready to throw up the white flag of surrender, you give me that big toothless grin and my heart absolutely melts.  I never knew I could ever have this much love for someone I’ve barely known.