Monthly Archives: November 2011

Nine Months

Maybe it’s all of the craziness that’s been going on with moving, having a new home (and new bedroom), starting to pull yourself up on stuff, cutting teeth, and everything else, but you’ve decided that sleep is for the weak this month.  Sad thing is, this Momma is weak and needs some sleep.  As cute as it was for those first couple of days for you to want to play at 1am, it’s gone on for weeks (literally since the day we moved).

You’ve gotten your first teeth (two bottom ones) this month, which explains a good chunk of the crankiness for the last couple of weeks.

You’ve also figured out how to pull yourself up on everything (and anything) that you can – the couch, your parents, the television stand (which has been a source for hours of entertainment lately), and even Gibson.  We’re starting to wonder if you’re days or weeks from walking, and it’s kind of scary.  You literally went from crawling on your belly, to crawling on your hands and knees, to walking along the furniture in two weeks.  It’s like you’re in a hurry to be a big kid.  Long gone are the days where I could lay you in the living room, walk away for 2 seconds to grab something to drink from the kitchen, and return to find you in the same spot.

Even in spite of the lack of sleep, you’re still incredibly happy.  You absolutely love your new daycare (school), which has been a huge relief since we picked it rather quickly and were basing it mostly on a referral from a former coworker.  The ladies there think you’re amazing – and we do too.