Monthly Archives: March 2011

One Month

Even though I’ve only been your Mom for the last 28 days, it seems like I always have been.  Seriously.  Although it sounds as cheesy as an over-priced Hallmark card, it’s the honest truth.  Maybe it’s the lack of caffeine or the sleep-deprivation, but I frankly can barely remember what life was like before you.  Before the 2am diaper changes and feedings.  Before that first cry.  Before the first time someone else noticed I was pregnant.  Before I first heard your heart beat.  Before the little stick that said “pregnant” in big bold letters.

It’s pretty profound how drastically different our lives are now with you, and yet we’ve managed to adjust rather quickly and easily, and don’t really seem to miss our pre-parent days at all.  This month has been an amazing whirlwind where I went from just being Amy one moment to being Mom the next.

This month we’ve learned how to change a diaper and bath a squirmy little guy, how to survive on naps alone, and how there is no greater joy in life than being your Mom.  Everyone says that while you’re pregnant, but I never really understood it until now.  I’d do anything for you a million times over and then gladly once more.

It’s not just our lives that are different either.  This month you’ve gone from a not-so-tiny 9 pound, 3 ounce newborn to a staggering 11 pound, 1 ounce baby.  I’m amazed at how fast you’re growing and even though everyone comments on how big you are, I can’t help but think you’re my little boy.  I’m sure I’ll long for the days of you being this small very soon.

This month, you’ve managed to sleep through the night (which caught me by surprise), but only once.  Somehow you’ve managed to roll over already and prop yourself up while on your belly months before all the books say you’re supposed to.  You’ve met most of the family and a big chunk of our friends and brought many of them to tears when they saw how amazing you are.  You’ve been to your first wedding and had your first dance, none of which you were awake for.

We’ve got ourselves a healthy amount of “firsts” to experience together – and I can’t wait.  There’s nothing more exciting than seeing you learn and grow into the amazing baby, boy, and man that we hope you’ll be.