Monthly Archives: August 2011

Six Months

This month we gathered up the courage to give you some “solid” food, and by solid I mean that I steamed some sweet potatoes, ran them through the blender, and attempted to feed them to you with a spoon.  The cereal last month did not go well, so I was hopeful that this would actually stick in your little belly and not cause you to get sick.  Thankfully, it was successful.  You really liked them and they stayed in.  I can’t believe you’re starting to eat real food.  We’re that much closer to you not being a baby anymore.

Gibson has always been your protector, never wanting to be too far from you (and howling when you cry, much to my chagrin), but the two of you are starting to get really interactive.  You crawl over on your belly and start pulling on his fur, he rolls over, and you laugh.  It warms my hear to see the two of you “playing” together.

This month you also went on your first family camping trip.  You would have thought that we were packing for a month instead of a weekend or moving into the camper permanently, but everything went off without a hitch.  You slept well, entertained all your cousins, and even took a trip to a water park.  Sure, you slept in a baby pool, but it all worked out.

This month we thought that you were getting your first tooth (actually first two teeth), but turns out I was totally wrong.  We found that out when we went to the doctor for your sixth month check-up.  Turns out they were just two *insert fancy medical terminology here* that basically just meant that they were two calcium deposits.  Either way, it was pretty exciting.