Monthly Archives: June 2011

Four Months

There were times not that long ago that I remember time virtually standing still … or at least seeming to take forever.  Now the days seem to zoom past and there is rarely a dull moment.  Shoot, even when you finally wear your little self out, there’s mountains of things to get done that lounging on the couch is a luxury.

This month, you went to your first baseball game.  In a suite, no less.  Your Dad insists that’s the only way you’re going to a sporting event for at least a couple of years, so I imagine this might be your only game for a little while.

We’re also trying to get you used to hanging out in your high chair during dinner.  Most days you love this new perspective of your surroundings.  It’s crazy how big you look sitting beside us.

Another highlight: you’ve discovered the awesomeness of the jumperoo.  You love it and down right beg to stay in it for hours.  This makes getting some stuff done around the house so much easier … if I could just stop staring at how amazing you are.