Eight Months

Wow, I don’t even know where to start with this month.  There were ups, there were downs, and there was a lot of crazy.

This month you were victimized, we were victimized.  Someone broke into the house while your Dad and I were at work (and you were at school) and stole most of our electronics, ransacked the house, and left us all with a sick feeling our stomachs.  Thankfully, we weren’t home and Gibson appears to be fine, but it still sucks.  Most of everything can be replaced, but we lost our digital and video cameras along with the memory cards of pictures and videos that we’ve been recording over the last couple of months.  Memories have been lost and it breaks my heart.

The silver lining is that on that same day, I was offered a new job.  Your Dad has been driving an hour and a half to work each day in Michigan and it’s starting to get old.  On a whim, I applied for a job near there and got it.  So, while picking up the pieces from the break-in, we were also packing things in boxes and getting ready to move.  Even though we hadn’t exactly planned on your next house really being a rented townhouse in a suburb of Detroit, but we’re rolling with it.  Because you know everyone decides to move 100 miles north and do it all in 2 weeks.  It’s been hectic, but we’re hopeful that this is what’s best for right now.

Throughout all the madness, you’ve been that one smiling face that helps keep us going.  And keep us on our toes.  The night before we moved, you decided that you knew how to pull yourself up in your crib and nearly kamikaze jumped out.  Sigh … you’re definitely more boy than baby now.


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