Seven Months

Boy, you are one happy, happy little boy.  Even when you’ve been awake all night or sick, you’re still smiley, giggly, and silly.  Seriously, I had to come and pick you up one day from daycare and you looked absolutely miserable – snot crusty nose, weepy eyes, the whole deal.  But, I scooped you up, we took a two and half hour nap on the couch, and you were back at it.  We had to stay home the following day, and let’s just say, it was more play day than sick day.  I love that you quickly bounce back.

We’ve started toying with the idea of moving out of your first house and into a new one across town.  We knew even before we had you that we wouldn’t be in this house forever and wanted to be somewhere safer, with better schools, and more room.  We’ve looked at a couple of places and really love some, but are taking things slow and hoping that if the right fit comes along, it’ll all just work out.  It’s really interesting to start to think about things from the perspective of our next home being the home that you remember growing up in and really only knowing this house from pictures and stories.

I keep saying it, but I’m continually amazed at how big you’re getting and how much you’re learning.  More and more of your little personality shows up every day and it’s very exciting.  Your Dad and I keep looking at each other and wondering how we’ve gotten so lucky to have such an amazing little boy in our lives.


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